Sunday, February 10, 2013

A New-found Passion

So recently my schedule has not been very full and I have really had nothing to do with my time. I'm a big Pinterest fan. I'm constantly on it, whether I'm at home lounging around, or out and about waiting for my coffee at Starbucks. You could say I'm a tad obsessed...but it's okay, right...? Everyone has their own personal obsessions.

Okay, so maybe I'm on Pinterest a little too much, but nonetheless it gives me something to do. Especially lately, I have found a greater obsession that ties in with Pinterest: BAKING.

Now a little back story, when I was younger (I am only 17, but you get the idea...) I couldn't put something into the microwave without burning it. It was that bad. This terribleness occurred until I was about 14, then I gave up on the kitchen all together. I gave up to easily, I suppose. I just didn't know how to use tools and recipes correctly. It was no biggie. (Now, if I still had that inability I would probably still have a sour attitude about it, it would be a biggie; A Big biggie)

Anyways, I was so uncomfortable in the kitchen that I convinced my boyfriend (of a little over eight months) that he would do all of the cooking once we're married. That wouldn't be a big deal, because he can in fact cook quite well, but now we can both cook! I am seriously so psyched by my recent discovery. I love Pinterest now more than ever, because I've actually gained something from it. It just makes me so happy to finally have something to do on those very un-busy days.

SO...would you like to know what I've made so far? I bet you do...because they were all delicious!

Here's something that happened to be one of my favorites! Although I had a few issues with rolling out the dough, they turned out tasting fantastic. 

If you would like to try making these click here, but let me warn you, do NOT over mix the ingredients once you have added the dry mix with the wet. I did this and it was challenging to get the dough to stick together. After about 10 minutes of rolling, recovering dough that had crumbed out from under the edges of the parchment paper, and finding a way to stick the dough in the fridge, it all turned out okay. The dough was really the only challenging thing about this recipe. I also made a glaze, which was delicious, to go on the cookies. Here's the recipe for that, here.

creamy white chicken enchiladas

I also made these chicken enchiladas. Now let me tell you something about these babies. I am a true Texas girl, and let me tell ya, here in Texas, we love our Tex-Mex. That's pretty much what I'm used to, and when I think of enchiladas, I think of cheese enchiladas with lots of cheese and lots of chile gravy sauce on top. This recipe is not anything like what I call true enchiladas, but these are definitely one of my favorite things to make now. 

My whole family loved them and requested my making of more very soon. All I'm saying though, is don't go into it thinking it's going to taste like a Mexican Restaurant's enchiladas, because it's not going to. This is more of a recipe that tastes similar to a King Ranch Chicken casserole, so if you're up for something new, definitely give this one a try.

The last thing I've made (so far) are these amazingly moist, delicious cupcakes: but with a twist. Instead of typical icing, I decided to spice things up a bit and make a cream filling which turned out great with this cupcake. Here is the recipe for the cupcake, and the filling.

It was a very easy recipe, and I had little to no problems with this one. I highly recommend it, especially if you haven't found that perfect recipe for a moist, chocolate cupcake!

As you can tell, I have been a little busy bee in the kitchen. I've discovered a new passion for baking because of Pinterest, and for that I realize that I am no longer wasting my time on that site, which is a good feeling. 

Anyways, I am off to do whatever the day holds for me. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Do any of you have any good Pinterest recipes? If so, you should share them with me!


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