Sunday, February 10, 2013

London Folk Artist's Touch My Heart

If you don't recognize the gentlemen in this picture, you have not yet experienced life yet. These are the men that lull me to sleep every night with their beautifully crafted, musical creations of wonder. Seriously. They're great. Let me introduce you to them now, ladies (and gents?)

These wonderful people are known in the music industry as Mumford & Sons. In 2007, this group of extremely talented friends formed the band. From their band name, it sounds like this is a band of brothers, but that is incorrect, although that was Marcus Mumford's intentions. 

Mumford explained, he wanted their audience to feel that their name had the essence of an "antiquated family business name".

This is the exact reaction the band of "brothers" received from their fans. At every concert, the band wants to interact with the people that paid good money and time to see them, as well as make the audience feel comfortable and relaxed during their shows. This is something any band should take away from this extravagant folk band. People like feeling like they are apart of something, and that is what Mumford & Sons is all about. It's refreshing, really.

Now aside from their fabulous, applause worthy stage presence and performances, let me just fan-girl for a second. Their music is amazing, and moving, and everything good about life. Anything from their two albums, "Sigh No More" and "Babel" (their most recent album) is just music to my ears (no pun intended).

I just feel so relaxed and accepted by them, just listening to their songs. They really make everything make sense, which is an important thing for artists. Artists must be relatable and Mumford & Sons exceed the relatable-ness expectancy. I feel like I get what they're talking about. Allow me to speak for most true music lovers: a lot of the popular "artists" we have in this day and time are irrelevant and talk (sing) about subjects that I don't care to hear about, or care about at all.

Nonetheless, in my opinion, Mumford & Sons earn five stars from me, a round of applause, and a fan-girl scream due to the anticipation of their new album possibly coming out this year. Mumford said himself in December of 2012 that they were working on their new album. I am looking forward to this new album. I'm sure they have many more stories to sing.

Do you like Mumford & Sons? Are there any other indie bands that you would like to enlighten me with?


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