Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Study Overload

So basically, I've been MIA for the past week...maybe two weeks...because I've literally been on study overload. School and choir has taken over my life completely. AH. I just want t scream.

Let me give you a little recap...

I had this thing for choir over the past weekend called FACE, where all of the top choirs in my school district get together and learn like 10 songs, only to perform them and be directed by none other than the world famous Dr. Craig Jessop. He used to be the director of the Mormon Tabernackle choir, as well as the director of many other traveling army related choirs and such. He's been all over the world, which if you ask me, or any other fellow choir nerd, that is pretty dang cool. Anyways, I had this concert, but last week was the week of preparation. I had a two hour rehearsal on Monday night, a three hour one on Thursday, and a four hour one on Friday. On top of all of that, I had to keep up with my homework, as well as continue learning my solo for my solo & ensemble contest this weekend...(I still don't have my solo memorized...yikes). So after the rigorous rehearsals, I spent a long day Saturday preparing for the concert and working with Dr. Jessop, and then was finished, concert and all around 9:30 Saturday night.

Then I had church the next morning, which was much needed. My boyfriend (Chris) and I went to a new church just to see how the service was...we like our church better. And then I spent some time with him, and then did more homework and worked on my online course. Yesterday, Chris helped me with physics, and for the past four hours I have been studying for my physics test tomorrow.

Needless to say, I am exhausted. All I've wanted to do was write here on my blog this past week. I'm glad I have a little time, or rather am making time, to just breathe and type out the words that have been on my mind all weekend.

Oh, by the way. A lesson I've learned the hard way: Don't trust people in a way that you expect them to do their part's on group projects. I basically did and entire, six page lab report by myself due to the lack of work in my group for physics. I'm NEVER working in a group again, especially in physics. Oh, and bragging rights are apparent in my case. We made a 100. We were the ONLY people in the class to make a 100. Call me a genius.

Anyways, it is time for bed, but hopefully I can start posting regularly again.


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